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Updated June 18th, 2016    (Now over 100 drawings on this site, with artwork links)

    "In The Stems"

Cover Of Dreams & Nightmares 102

"Be Positve"

(Negative Is So Plain)

Cover of Typehouse #6 Sept. 2015

"Manned Kite Flier"

Cover of Stinkwaves April 2015

"Drops From Above"

1st Published In Star*line 39.1

Winter 2016

"Zip Worlds"
Cover Of AHF Magazine #1
"The Handshake"
Cover Of Frostfire Worlds Feb 2016

"The Nest"

Cover of Disturbed June 2015
(Other half of drawing on back cover)

Purchase issue here

"Maximum Velocity"

1st Published In Star*line 39.2

Spring 2016